Corporate Yoga

Why do yoga at work?

The many health and healing benefits of yoga have been well documented for thousands of years. Practicing yoga even once will:

Corporate Yoga, Svaha Yoga Center

Corporate Yoga, Svaha Yoga Center

  • Increase mobility
  • Increase circulation in the circulatory and lymphatic systems
  • Increase seratonin  and promote happiness
  • Increase breath capacity and energy levels
  • Help silence the mind
  • Drop blood pressure
  • Adjust and lengthen the spine
  • Promote relaxation
  • Increase muscle and bone strength

To read about even more benefits of yoga, check out this Yoga Journal article here.

For every $1 invested in workplace wellness, a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits(U. of Michigan Research Centre)

What does sitting in a chair do?

You might  have heard the new slogan recently that "Sitting is the New Smoking".  Sitting up to 6 hours a day can take the following toll on our health:

Take a break from sitting. 

Take a break from sitting. 

  • Tightens hips
  • Creates poor circulation in the legs
  • Promotes an inflexible, compressed spine and a greater risk of disk damage
  • Strains the neck and creates sore shoulders and back
  • Creates mushy abs and limp glutes
  • Makes the brain foggy
  • Creates soft bones
  • Makes the pancreas over-productive
  • Increases chances of heart disease
  • Increases chances of colon, breast and endometrial cancers

What are the additional benefits of corporate yoga?

  • Relaxed and focused employees lead to a thriving workplace
  • Yoga reduces acute and chronic medical conditions, especially those from repetitive motions and prolonged sitting, which can affect bottom line.
  • Improves morale and job satisfaction, reducing employee turn over.
  • Yoga classes lead to deeper work relationships and camaraderie , increasing respect and sparking friendships.
  • Gives a competitive edge to hiring. 

What kind of classes do we offer?

Our classes can  suit practitioners of all levels, from those absolutely new to yoga to those with an established intermediate to advanced practice. We can also work with individuals with chronic injuries or health concerns.

Normally the class will be tailored to those present and can range in styles from a Beginner Hatha class to an active Vinyasa Flow or a gentle Yin Yoga, or a combination.

Classes are one hour in length.  They can be scheduled before work, during lunch time, after work or anytime during the day. 

Tell us what you desire to attain from yoga and we will design the perfect class for you and your team!

What do we provide?

Excellent, well trained and experienced instructors. Mats and props. We do, however,  recommend bringing your own mat for hygiene reasons as well as to develop a personal connection to your practice. 

What do you provide?

An on-site room free from distractions and large enough to fit participants and the instructor for class. Employees should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing; shorts and T-shirt, yoga clothes etc.

Contact us today to set up a series of classes!